APA Family Services, San Ramon, CA
Consultation on Community Engagement and Facilitation Strategy
“Lin exceeded expectations on so many levels! She provided much-needed insight and problem solving strategies that were related to the community initiative that I'm working towards. Her experience with non-profit projects and community relationship building were invaluable and made our one-on-one calls meaningful and extraordinarily helpful. I'm looking forward to working with her again in the near future!"
Assistant Program Manager
SpiritWorks Foundation, Williamsburg, VA
Consultation on Strategic Planning Framework
"Speaking with Lin was extremely helpful. She offered several suggestions that I hadn’t thought of, and was able to provide concrete information and tools that we can incorporate immediately. I am grateful for the time we spent together and the outcome attained, just what we were looking for and in need of."
Executive Director
Soutoura Foundation, New York, NY
Consultation on Developing Vision, Mission, Core Values and Strategies
"Lin is a true professional. She is welcoming and loves to share her expertise. Our call was very enriching and helpful. We have been genuinely touched by her generosity in sharing valuable information with our organization, answering our many questions and going the extra mile to offer resources we needed to start our project. After the call she shared more information which is really useful and is helping us as we work on our Mission, Vision, Core Values, Strategies and Objectives. She offered to look at our final work and we will make sure to reach back again for her valuable feedback. Forever grateful." 
Health District of Northern Larimer County, Fort Collins, CO
Facilitation of Team Planning Retreat
"The time you spent prepping, facilitating and helping our team look ahead was so useful and key to our success! You made the retreat fun, informative, and high yield. So grateful!
Medical Director
"Thank you so much for all of the work (and fun) you gave us to make our retreat so wonderful. The whole day was perfect."
Cardiovascular Screening Program Nurse
APA Family Services, San Ramon, CA
Meeting Facilitation Coaching
"Lin was more than helpful. She was able to assess my unique situation, provide meaningful relevant resources for strategic improvement, and follow up with suggestions and assistance for improvement that proved to be key in establishing a program revision."
Assistant Program Manager
Violence Free Minnesota, St. Paul, MN
Meeting Facilitation Coaching
"I couldn't have benefited more from my experience with Lin. She thoughtfully connected her work to mine and, as a result, the resources she shared with me and the coaching she provided were tremendously relevant and insightful. I was immediately able to incorporate her ideas and suggestions and have already seen positive results."
Policy & Legal Systems Program Manager

Additional Clients

Don Lee & Company

Seoul, Korea

Executive Coaching & English Language Learning

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