Within every person, leader, team or organization lies the potential to do great things. I can help you connect with purpose, build your skills and confidence, and create the right conditions for growth, innovation, and engagement.

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"Mighty oaks from tiny acorns grow..."

Are you ready to break out of your shell?

Like an acorn, you are mighty with potential.

As a leader, you have the potential to have an immense positive impact.


But without the right conditions (light, water and fertile soil for acorns & guidance, support, tools, and knowledge for people) many leaders and managers never fully realize that potential.


Some never crack open their shells. Others sprout but flounder beneath layers of bureaucracy. Even once established as leaders, some topple from the harsh winds of uncertainty, pressure, responsibility and complexity. 


I specialize in helping new, emerging and established leaders create the right conditions to realize your mission and make real, long-term and impactful change happen.

With support, tools & frameworks, focus, a strategic thinking partner, a trusted and objective perspective, and accountability, you can realize your great potential.



Lin Wilder, LPC

Mighty Acorn, LLC

Bellingham, WA

(worldwide services through video conferencing)


I offer free 30 minute initial consultations to help you decide if I'm the right choice for your needs. Please mention this in the contact form if you are interested.

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